Hacked Design

This blog was created by industrial designers at the University of the Arts to facilitate at home hacking.

Hacking is user initiated product intervention. The idea is to take an object and optimize its function through an alteration that was not intended by the manufacture.

Object + intervention = optimization

Check out the projects below for a few examples of DIY design hacks. Let us know what you think.

You can get in touch with us at HackedDesign@gmail.com


Create and print custom post-it notes from your own computer.

Learn how with the Print-It pdf

You can download custom Print-It notes and arrange them for printing on the Print-It 8.5x11 Template (eps)

After you’ve customized your own Print-it notes, submit them to HackedDesign@gmail.com to be posted on the Print-it blog for readers to download and use.

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